Do Windows Need Horizontal or Vertical Blinds?

Horizontal Blinds for Homes in Novato, California (CA)

In this article, Bay Blinds - conveniently located in Novato, California (CA) - are here to use our window treatment industry expertise to help you determine if your home’s windows need horizontal or vertical blinds. We also proudly carry the full selection of Hunter Douglas custom products. Contact us today!

Each home, and each room within each home is unique and certain types of window treatments may be best suited for different rooms for a number of reasons. That being said, the type of blinds that go on your windows can have surprising effects on how a room is lit, the kinds of views your home offers, and the overall atmosphere of a room. One decision that can make a significant difference is deciding between horizontal and vertical blinds for each window.

The first step is to determine what is needed in each room in your home, and what effects a window treatment will have. Factors you should consider include the amount time direct sunlight is hitting a room, how blinds may affect views that are important to you, and the overall feel you desire out of each space.

Luckily there are some rules of thumb to stick to that can make these decisions easier. For instance, it’s usually best to go with horizontal blinds for smaller windows (especially if they are narrow), and to use vertical blinds for larger, wider windows. Using vertical blinds is especially effective for sliding glass doors or floor to ceiling windows.

Since horizontal blinds tend to not be quite as thick as horizontal blinds, they usually take up less space on the window when fully open compared to vertical blinds. They also offer the same view when they are still down and opened up no matter what angle you are at, while vertical blinds will start to hide the if you move around the room. If you have large windows that offer valued views, or if view outdoor greenery is able to block a significant amount of sunlight, it may be best to go with horizontal blinds to allow some of the outdoor beauty in while still offering some shade. 

If a room spends a lot of time in direct sunlight, and if the window is large enough, it’s usually best to choose vertical blinds. Since the panels on vertical blinds are thicker than on horizontal blinds, they will block sunlight more effectively and help keep a room cool. In any case, vertical blinds on large windows will be far easier to open than horizontal blinds.

You’ll also need to consider how likely it will be for your blinds to be damaged. Vertical blinds are the most susceptible to damage if you have pets or small children due to the fact that they hang loosely from one attached end. This makes it easy for them to be knocked out of place if young children or pets are running and playing in the house. Since horizontal blinds are attached at multiple points, they usually take more intentional action to actually do any damage. However, they will likely require more cleaning due to collecting more dust.

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