How Motorized Window Treatments Make Life Easier

How Motorized Window Treatments Make Life Easier for Homes & Kitchens in Novato, California (CA)

In this article, Bay Blinds – conveniently located in Novato, California (CA) – is here to help you learn how motorized window treatments make life easier. We proudly carry the full line of Hunter Douglas window treatments, including their innovative operating systems.

No one says life is easy, but that does not mean that we cannot try to make it just a smidge easier! With motorized window treatments, you can spend less time running around adjusting your blinds and more time doing things you want to do. That’s right. Instead of closing your blinds at night, you can catch the start of your favorite late night show. Instead of running around early in the morning adjusting your blinds, you can spend a few more minutes snoozing. Whatever you do in your free time, PowerView® Motorization will help you get a few more minutes of doing it.

Easy Set Up

What fun is technology if setting it up makes you want to rip your hair out from stress? Luckily, the PowerView® Motorization set up is a piece of cake. All you have to do is charge your device up by plugging in the battery, program when you want your blinds to open, close, and adjust via the PowerView® App, and that’s it! You can now enjoy your motorized blinds and shades. Plus, you can easily hook up your PowerView® Motorization system with various controls, including but not limited to, the PowerView® Pebble® Control, Google Assistant, Logitech, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Nest, IFTTT, Control 4, and the Apple HomeKit.

Easy Scheduling

One of the great things about motorized blinds and shades is that it is flexible to your schedule. Whether you need your blinds to shut at 9 PM on the weekdays, 6 AM on the weekends, or if you would prefer your blinds to adjust to the rising and setting of the sun, PowerView® will deliver. All you have to do is schedule your times in the app and your motorized blinds and shades will work when you need them. Gone are the days of running around the house to adjust your blinds, and in are the days of a one-touch system that will do all the work for you.

Easy to Hook Up

As mentioned, the PowerView® Motorization system can hook up easily with a number of systems. What is even greater is that the list continues on with high-end Hunter Douglas systems, including:

  • The Pebble® Control: Known as the modern remote, the Pebble® Control lets you control up to six window treatments together or separately. Plus, it comes in ten beautiful colors and hangs easily on the wall.
  • PowerView® Hub: Beautiful and strong, this device is the main control space, or hub, for your window treatments via WiFi. For better signal strength, connect the Hub to the PowerView® Repeater to avoid connection lag.
  • Remote Connect: The Connect lets you open and close your blinds even when you are outside of your home. Just access your Connect and let it do the rest!


No one says life is easy, but that doesn’t mean we cannot make it easier. With PowerView® Motorization, you can do just that. Easy set up, easy scheduling, and easily connected to devices of your choice, motorized blinds will work hard to make sure you do not have to when it comes to your windows. If you saw something you liked or would like to learn more, be sure to contact or visit Blinds Window Coverings today!

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