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Introducing the 2022 PowerView® Automation System

Throughout life, we are told to never settle for something that could be better. The same can be said for many of today’s home technologies. Imagine if we just said, “Ah, the first toaster is good enough. Let’s not make any upgrades,” or “Surely the first TV can’t get better. Let’s leave it as is.” The world would be pretty different. Reimagining things in a better way is how we progress. That is why Hunter Douglas introducing the 2022 PowerView® Automation System is an exciting announcement for those who want to give their windows an upgrade that they will immediately notice. Read on to learn more about the many benefits of PowerView® Automation for your home.

Introducing the 2022 PowerView® Automation System, Hunter Douglas PowerView® Automation System near Novato, California (CA)

Benefit 1: Energy Efficiency

We could all use a little more energy efficiency in our lives. If you have been trying to lower your home’s energy usage without sacrificing your comfort levels, then you will love adding PowerView® Automation to your home. After pairing PowerView® Automation to your Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, or Apple Siri, the system can automatically detect a temperature rise within your home by communicating with your thermostat. This will prompt PowerView® Automation to lower your shads to keep your home cool and shaded. Did you leave the lights on before heading out? PowerView® Automation can also switch off the lights in your home.

Benefit 2: Safety & Convenience

You have most likely dealt with the annoyances of window treatment cords. Sometimes, they act like they are actively working against you. Not only that, but they can act as hazards for homes with small children or pets. Cords can also be difficult to operate for those who have arthritis. Fortunately, another one of the benefits of PowerView® Automation is that it can operate your window treatments without any cords. Whether you enjoy the PowerView® App, Pebble® Control, or your smart-home device that allows you to operate the system via your voice, the days of corded shades are in the past where they belong.

Benefit 3: Safety

We always want our homes to be safe and secure. Sometimes, however, accidents happen. You go to work without arming the security system. You head off on vacation leaving the shades to your home wide open. You can’t remember if you locked the door on your way to lunch with friends. Fortunately, PowerView® Automation has your back. This system can not only close your shades from anywhere in the world, but it can also lock your doors and arm your home’s security system.


To learn more about the many benefits of PowerView® Automation, contact or visit us today at Bay Blinds Window Coverings. We are located in Novato, California, and proudly serve Marin County and Sonoma County, including Novato, Marin, and San Rafel, California. We cannot wait to help you during your interior design journey! Whether you want to upgrade your windows with automation or are building your first home and need pointers for window designs, we are here to help.