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Creative Design Inspiration Ideas for Homes

As crazy as it seems, 2021 has officially come to an end. A new year brings a breath of fresh air and ample opportunity to shake things up if you have been itching for change. This is especially exciting if you are considering upgrading your home’s design! Of course, giving your home an upgrade doesn’t mean you have to tear up floors, knock down walls, and raise a sledge hammer above your head while shrieking a victory cry. (We are cheering you on if you do embrace that route, though!) Changing up your home can involve adding a few small changes that can make a big difference, including new window treatments, décor, furniture, and more. Not sure where to start? Allow us to help! Read on to discover our favorite creative design inspiration ideas for your home.

Custom window treatments near Novato, California (CA), including Hunter Douglas Design Studio™ Roller Shades.

Custom Window Treatments

If you want to shake up your windows, one route to explore when it comes to creative design inspiration ideas is window treatments. If you are looking for a window treatment that can be molded to any creative style while offering light control and easy operation, then you will love our Hunter Douglas Design Studio™ Roller Shades. Offering stunning styles that range from solid colors to fun patterns, Design Studio™ Roller Shades let you add a pop of color to your home or let other elements in your home take the spotlight. With fabric collections from designers like Rebecca Atwood, Marcie Bronkar, and Seema Krish, these shades offer ample creative opportunity. Roller shade fabrics are also available in two opacities, including opaque or semi-opaque, allowing you to achieve your perfect levels of light, shade, and view-through in each room in your home.

New Décor

Another one of our favorite creative design inspiration ideas for homes is new décor. For example, if you are tired of looking at that one blank wall each day, a gallery wall with photos of friends and families can help put a smile on your face while giving your home a fun creative twist. Adding unique pieces of artwork can also show off your creative tastes while giving your home a classy upgrade. If you are not into wall hangings, then fun throw pillows, blankets, and trinkets can take your home design from “good” to “great.” Have a coffee table that is looking a little empty? A round tray filled with a flower vase, candles, and magazines can give your table a homey feel. No matter your style, we are happy to help inspire you to find the best pieces for your home.

Unique Fixtures

Small but mighty, new fixtures can instantly elevate your home. This can be in the form of new lighting, new door knobs, new cabinet handles, and more. If you are tired of having dim lighting in your bathroom, something bright surrounding your vanity mirror can make a world of difference. Are the colors you chose for your doorknobs a little outdated? A sleek new doorknob in a timeless color can solve that problem with ease. Simple but powerful, new fixtures easily have a place on our list of favorite creative design inspiration.


To learn more about our favorite creative design inspiration, be sure to contact or visit us today at Bay Blinds. We are located in Novaro, California, and proudly serve Marin County and Sonoma County, including Novato, Marin, and San Rafel.