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Adding Vertical Solutions® Vertical Blinds from Hunter Douglas

If you have windows in your home that are wider than they are tall, then you’ve most likely dealt with the annoying issue of finding a window treatment that offers style and easy operation. Sure, there are plenty of “just okay” options out there, but why should you settle when you can get something really wonderful for your home? That is exactly what Hunter Douglas had in mind when creating its Vertical Solutions® Vertical Blinds. Offering custom designs, various fabric options that you can peruse, and sound absorption for both inside and outside of your home, Vertical Solutions® Vertical Blinds are an excellent addition to your abode. Read on to learn more about these custom vertical blinds, including their custom styles, unparalleled sound absorption, and easy operation.

Hunter Douglas Vertical Solutions® Vertical Blinds, Vertical blinds near Novato, California (CA)

Functional and Fabulous

Offering crisp lines and clean designs, Hunter Douglas Vertical Solutions® Vertical Blinds instantly upgrade the style of any room in your home. If you want a minimalist appeal, then you can achieve it with these blinds. If you want your vertical blinds to stand out, they come in various patterns that really draw the eye. These vertical blinds also offer both fabric and vinyl options that can take your home’s styling to the next level. Specifically designed for windows that are wider than they are tall, Vertical Solutions® Vertical Blinds effortlessly cover sliding glass doors or other wide expanses of glass. The best part? They are easy to open, close, and adjust. No more battling your blinds throughout the day! Instead, you can enjoy sun, shade, and privacy with absolute ease. After dealing with finicky vertical blinds throughout the years, you will notice the difference with these custom Hunter Douglas blinds!

Sound Absorption

Have you ever been trying to enjoy a movie and it is interrupted by chatty neighbors? Or can you hear music drifting throughout your home despite it coming from the other side of the house? Talk about annoying! Noise control is key to having a relaxing home, and Vertical Solutions® Vertical Blinds are here to deliver. Whether you live on a busy street and want to block out general noise traffic or you have a home filled with hardwood floors that tend to carry sounds, you can enjoy reduced outside noise and improved acoustics within your home the moment you hang our Hunter Douglas Vertical Solutions® Vertical Blinds up. Of course, the degree of sound control you wish to achieve will depend on the fabric you choose, so be sure to discuss this feature with our friendly team of experts. We are happy to help!


To learn more about vertical blinds, be sure to contact or visit us today at Bay Blinds. We are located in Novato, California, and proudly serve Marin County and Sonoma County, including Novato, Marin, and San Rafel. No matter where you are on your design journey, we cannot wait to answer your questions and offer helpful advice to make your dream designs a reality.