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Three Benefits of Silhouette® Window Shadings

Offering luxury, light control, and privacy at the same time, our Hunter Douglas Silhouette® Window Shadings make an excellent addition to sunrooms, bedrooms, and living rooms alike. Featuring adjustable S-shaped vanes that look to be floating between two sheer fabrics, this gorgeous shade gently filters light while obscuring outsiders from looking into your home. No matter your home’s style, these custom shades will fit in with ease. Read on to discover the top three benefits of Silhouette® Window Shadings, including premium styles, UV protection, and light control.

Three benefits of Silhouette Window Shadings near Novato, California (CA), for sunny rooms.

Benefit 1: Premium Styles

Much like putting icing on a cake, an exciting aspect of window treatments is designing it to look exactly how you want. That is why one of the top three benefits of Silhouette® Window Shadings is premium styles. Explore the warmth, texture, and richness offered by the Alustra® Collection of Silhouette to create a truly stunning look at each window. Featuring a thoughtfully curated collection of design-inspired textures, colors, fabrics, and hardware, these shades meet the expectations of leading interior designers and customers who want the best in the world of design. Choose from favored colors like Capri, Sonata, Cathedral, and more to create the perfect look.

Benefit 2: UV Protection

Even though we are entering the cooler season, UV protection is something that should be taken into consideration year-round. In fact, prolonged exposure to the sun can bleach your flooring, furniture, artwork, upholstery, and more. That is why another one of the top three benefits of Silhouette® Window Shadings is UV protection. The sheer fabrics of these shades softly filter out glare, brightness, and UV rays to protect your home’s interiors while you enjoy natural lighting. Depending on what fabric you choose, Silhouette® Window Shadings can filter up to 88 percent of the sun’s harmful UV rays. This makwa them perfect for rooms that are especially bright.

Benefit 3: Light Control

As mentioned previously, another one of the top three benefits of Silhouette® Window Shadings is pristine light control. The white rear sheer of the shade prevents anyone from looking into your home, providing daytime privacy even when you decide to open the vanes of the shade. To achieve shade, light, or privacy, simply tilt the vanes and enjoy. You can even enjoy room darkening benefits with Silhouette Duolite® Shadings. These shadings combine the beloved light-diffusing benefits of a Silhouette® Shading with an independently operated roller shade that is nestled behind it for greater control over light. That makes this option perfect for bedrooms, media rooms, and other rooms that are in need of more privacy.


To learn more about the top three benefits of Silhouette® Window Shadings, be sure to contact or visit us today at Bay Blinds Window Coverings. Our team of experts are always happy to help you find the right blind, shutter, shade, and other home design elements for your space. We are located in Novato, California, and proudly serve Marin County and Sonoma County, including Novato, Marin, and San Rafel.